Keith Schofield

     Lighting Cameraman

            and DoP

              An experienced and award winning Lighting Cameraman / D.o.P.

Originally a Photographer - I spent my formative years in television with the BBC - becoming a Staff Lighting Cameraman / D.o.P. - filming both Dramas and Documentaries.

During the last 10 years as a Freelance - I've explored different Genres including Adventure, Reality, Expedition and Natural History, both with the BBC and Companies including Diverse, IWC Media, Tern TV, Twofour, Indus Films, Renegade - Hollywood, Tigress and the BBC's Natural History Unit.

I've been privileged to have filmed in 86 countries on all 7 continents - including both Poles, many Deserts, many Jungles and 6 Amazonian expeditions.

I've been fortunate to experience many different environments and filming styles and I thrive on variety. From lighting Drama to working "on the fly". From -52C in Antarctica to +52C in the Sahara. From the Jungles of the Amazon and Borneo to the Savoy. From Wildlife to Fashion to Music Concerts at Buckingham Palace and Wembley.

I have set up and run camera and lighting courses at the BBC's Training Centre - and now a Freelance Trainer with the BBC Academy - when time allows!

Having attended the BBC's Documentary Directors Course - I have also filmed as a Director / Cameraman.

My passion for photography still remains - and have provided publicity stills for the Radio Times.

Please feel free to rummage around my site - which contains my c.v., two showreels, a few rogues galleries and a New Year message from the South Pole.

I love cinema and rugby - as one would expect from a South African who's lived in the U.K. for a long time!  

                                               Carpe Diem!